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With over two decades of experience spanning general management, public relations, and marketing, Kathryn is a seasoned professional dedicated to driving positive change.


Throughout her career, Kathryn has spearheaded numerous high-profile initiatives, leaving an indelible mark on both corporate and societal landscapes. Notable among her endeavors is her pivotal role in orchestrating impactful campaigns, such as the awareness campaign for SGS and a groundbreaking health education initiative focused on HIV/AIDS.

In 1997, Kathryn's commitment to social welfare led her to coordinate press briefings for the Polio Eradication Campaign, amplifying awareness and rallying support for the cause. Her dedication to national development was further evident in 2005 when she was commissioned by the Zambian government to curate events for the prestigious Zambia International Trade Fair.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kathryn is a trailblazer in entrepreneurship and social enterprise. As the co-founder of Wuchi Wami, a Zambian company specializing in packaging, branding, and distributing certified organic honey and beeswax, she champions sustainable practices while promoting local produce on both domestic and global platforms.

Kathryn's commitment to community and faith is exemplified through her role as the Administrator of Throneroom Zambia, where she nurtures spiritual growth and fosters a sense of belonging. Her deep-seated passion for Zambia is further evidenced by her active involvement in national initiatives, including the National Prayer Team for the Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2014, where she played a pivotal role in organizing government-driven programs at the esteemed Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.


Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a steadfast dedication to serving her country and community, Kathryn Kawanga Mwondela continues to inspire and lead with unwavering vision and purpose.

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